Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you so hostile to straight allies?

Because they mess up a lot and I’m tired of patting them on the back for a half-done job. Straight allies are guests here, please act accordingly.

I’ve got a serious question/I need help…

If you need help, try the SafeSpaceNetwork.

Will you promote my blog?


Why not?

Because once I promote one, I’ll end up dealing with even more requests for plugs than I already get. Promote your own tumblr. Post funny + LGBT things and I might reblog them if I find them/you subtly point me in the right direction.

Will you follow me?

LGBT Laughs isn’t a main tumblr, so I can’t follow you from it.

Can I be a mod?

I don’t currently need any help moderating - if you find something, submit it.

Why didn’t you post my picture?

Probably because you posted it as a text post instead of a photo post. It’s a pet peeve of mine.

Why do you put descriptions of images on photo posts?

They’re an accessibility feature for use by people with screen readers or people with other visual processing issues.

For images in texts posts (e.g. gifs), a description is added in the alt HTML.

Why don’t you have more ___ content?

Because I am one person and this blog relies on submissions for most of it’s content.