Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you so hostile to straight allies?

Because they mess up a lot and I’m tired of patting them on the back for a half-done job. Straight allies are guests here, please act accordingly.

Why are you sometimes mean to/make fun of cishets, gay men, cis lesbians, white LGBTQ people etc?

Because although we are all part of a wide community, within that community there are still dynamics of power that effect our intra-communal relationships. Posts making fun of, making satire of, or ‘calling out’ groups that fall under the umbrella of ‘LGBTQ’ are not “as bad as” the actual repercussions of bigotry and oppression they are referencing. See the above links for more useful information.

I don’t like the show/movie/person you’ve reblogged content about/from…

I try and tag posts helpfully, so if you don’t want to see a particular show on your dashboard, consider using a blocklist feature like Tumblr Savior or Xkit’s blacklist or Washboard (for mobile).

As for content reblogged from people who may be transphobic, racist or otherwise unpleasant, the fact is that I do not and cannot know the history of everyone I reblog from. If you think there is an issue with a original poster or source that I ought to consider, please feel free to set in contact via the ask box. Discussion will be private, and I will take the concern seriously.

I’ve got a serious question/I need help…

If you need help, try checking out the blogs listed at LGBTQ Blogs.

Do you get hatemail?

Not as much since I turned off anonymous asks after getting explicit rape threats back in the first year of this blog. Since then, there’s semi-regular “hate” and other messages disagreeing my running of the blog. Usually I ignore or response privately, unless the messages are particularly inspiring for a funny comeback.

Will you promote my blog?


Why not?

Because once I promote one, I’ll end up dealing with even more requests for plugs than I already get. Promote your own tumblr. Post funny + LGBT things and I might reblog them if I find them/you subtly point me in the right direction.

Will you follow me?

LGBT Laughs isn’t a main tumblr, so I can’t follow you from it.

Can I be a mod?

I don’t currently need any help moderating - if you find something, submit it.

Why didn’t you post my picture?

Probably because you posted it as a text post instead of a photo post. It’s a pet peeve of mine.

Why don’t you have more ___ content?

Because I am one person and this blog relies on submissions for most of it’s content.