Theme Day: Crack Fic Friday (Fri Dec 3rd)

Friday December 3rd is our first themed day; Crack Fic Friday!

What is a crack fic?

"Crack fic" is fanfiction (fan stories) that are not to be taken seriously. They’re silly, stupid, weird, AU, tropey, and lots of fun!

The Task:

Pick two (or more) characters. They can be from any fandoms, the same fandom, e.g.; Hermione Granger and Batgirl, Dean Winchester and Legolas, Princess Jasmine and Princess Ariel. Write a short story or scenario about them meeting/interacting. It can be as stupid, silly, unbelievable, over the top, melodramatic, infeasible, cute and/or just plaid weird as you like.


- Minimum 300 words, no maximum.
- Keep it PG13 - basically no hardcore descriptions of sex/excessive gore.
- Of course it should be queer in some way.
- Don’t steal anyone else’s work and claim it as your own!


This NEEDS to go at the top of your submission (which should be a text post):

Warnings: (bad language, violence, sex, etc.)
Characters: NAME (fandom)
Word count:

Longer submissions will get a “read more” break added to them. If you need help doing a word count, use this site.

Submit them any time before Dec 3rd, and they will be scheduled to be posted on “Crack Fic Friday”.