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Coming out to my 10-year-old brother

Me: Well I like girls and guys.
My brother: So... you're straight AND gay at the same time?
Me: Sort of, I guess.
My brother: Well okay, but you need to tell me whenever you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend because I have to make sure they are nice enough for you.
I wish people were as accepting as my brother.
(Submitted by op-awesome)

(Submitted by op-awesome)

I’ve noticed a pattern when it comes to queer fictional characters.


  • Every time a character struggles with their sexuality/coming out I’m sitting there like
  • And I want to jump into the book/movie/show and be like
  • Then sometimes there’s another character that’s an asshole to the queer character because zie is queer and then I’m like
  • But then there’s always a part where someone gets them or comforts them or the character comes out and it’s all okay and then I’m like

I got married, I came out publicly. But I had to, you know? I mean it was like gays can get married, yay! Prop 8, I’m a second-class citizen, what the fuck?! As a black woman, I’m really low on the chain, but as a GAY black woman, I’m even lower! There are so many things I’ve had to do as a gay person that I don’t have to do as a black person. I didn’t have to come out black to my parents. Can you imagine that? ‘Mom, Dad, I need to talk to you about something. I just want to tell you, I’m black.’ ‘What?!’ ‘I’m black, that’s just the way it is.’ ‘Oh Lord, oh, anything but black! Give her cancer Lord! Anything but black! You know what, you’ve been hanging around black people too much. And they got you thinking you black.’ ‘No Ma, it’s just the way I am, I was born this way.’ ‘Oh, don’t give me that! The bible says Adam and Eve, not Adam and Mary J. Blige!’ ‘I’m sorry, It’s just how I am.’ ‘What did I do? What did I do? I let you watch Soul Train! Was it Soul Train?’ ‘No Ma, it wasn’t Soul Train…’

( Wanda Sykes )


Charlie Swinbourne: Coming Out (click-through to the video to find out more about this piece) (Submitted by theflipsideofme)