I’ve noticed a pattern when it comes to queer fictional characters.


  • Every time a character struggles with their sexuality/coming out I’m sitting there like
  • And I want to jump into the book/movie/show and be like
  • Then sometimes there’s another character that’s an asshole to the queer character because zie is queer and then I’m like
  • But then there’s always a part where someone gets them or comforts them or the character comes out and it’s all okay and then I’m like

When people utilise heterosexist bullshit to criticise your non-het ship

"But they’re both [dudes/chicks]!"

"They’re straight!"

[to the effect of] “Unless they say they’re [not straight] you shouldn’t consider that they might be!”

"It’s gross!"

"Where’s all subtext? I can’t see it! [therefore it doesn’t exist]"

"It’s not canon!"

"It’s offensive to imply a character might be [not straight]!"

When I meet someone new and I’m kinda:

And they seem really cool and I want to be like:

And I slip in something queer/trans* related to test the waters and they’re all:

And I feel like being just:

But instead I’m totally:

And for good measure I’m: